GoBang 2008

Author: Manfred Schwarz – ms@astrophoto.at

Licence: freeware

Requirement: PC with Windows XP or Vista, Internet connection, .NET Framework 3.5 (will be installed automatically if it isn’t on your system)

 Install GoBang

Info and Help

Updates: will be installed automatically if you start the game

Target of game: 2 players on 2 PCs play over internet server of Astrophoto.at

Gobang is an old chinese game with the target to get 5 stones in one row (horizontal, vertical or diagonal). Both players set their stone alternately. A special situation is: You place a stone and this stone with another of yours encloses 2 of your partner stones. In this case the both stones of your partner will be removed.

Please inform me, if you have problems or you find bugs. Describe it so exactly as possible and place the text “[GoBang]” at the beginning of your email-title! ms@astrophoto.at

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